Hamilton weighs in with new Homer figurine The Hamilton Collection is back with two more hand-painted Homer Simpson figurines -- one showing him asleep at the nuclear power plant and one with him collapsing a bathroom scale. These two are follow-ups to Hamilton's 2001 release, "Woo-hoo!," a figurine that shows Homer leaping from a chair. These are part of Hamilton's "Misadventures of Homer Collection." The two new figurines are $19.95 each, plus $3.99 shipping. Read more on our Action Figures page.

'Celebrity' figures shipping this week Action Figure Xpress reported Tuesday that it expected to ship in three to four days those much-anticipated "celebrity" Simpsons talking action figures from Playmates Toys. The first series features Phil Hartman as Troy McClure, Danny DeVito as Herb Powell, and Joe Mantegna as Fat Tony. ToyWiz.com tells us it hopes to begin shipping the celebrity figures next week. Visit our Action Figures page for more on this line.

New photo of HS prom playset The Electronics Boutique Web site has just posted a publicity photo of the upcoming High School Homer and Marge playset, which shows the figures dressed '70s-style at a prom. The site is taking orders for $29.99 with an anticipated April 16 delivery. Visit our associate's link to eBGames.com for more details. Our Action Figures page has information on this playset and others.